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Dear Teacher's Partner Users,

If you would like to upgrade to Version 19, please contact

Version 19 is available only to those who want to upgrade.  There are not a lot of changes to this version.  However if you upgrade to this version you will be eligible to use Teacher's Partner 20, which will be available later in this school year (around Jan. 1, 2116).

Teacher's Partner 20 will have many new features that I have been working on for a while.  It will bring in some new features not seen before with the program.  For the last 10 years the program has been using Microsoft Access 2003 has the engine to run the program.  Teacher's Partner 20 will use a new more powerful version of Access. This new version will allow you to format rich text boxes to make your printouts look great.     The program will have many features that are familiar, but it will have many significant improvement to make planning, assessment, evaluation, and reporting that much faster and easier.

Teacher's Partner 20 will integrate with Office 365 and will allow you to use the tools that come with that, including making PDF's and spell checking work.  

In order to ensue compatibility with other users, consistent instructions, and ongoing support, it is essential that all users upgrade to the latest version.  If you choose not to re-subscribe we wish you all the best,  and thank you for your past patronage.

Thanks for your interest.

Ed Jackson (Teacher / Developer)

Version 19


New Features in Version 16

  • Download right away and start using immediately (10 free uses before a pass code is required)
  • New features to personalize feedback based on Success Criteria
  • You can now add success criteria in the gradebook as well as in the planning section (Quick Task) 
  • Customize your feedback so that the text changes depending on whether it is a strength or weakness
  • Print Tracking Sheets directly from the Quick Task form



New Features in Version 15

These are some of the new features in version 15

  • New Success Criteria integrated as part of the planning and assessment process
  • Daybook Improvements
  • Gradebook Improvements.
  • Print Progress Reports as well as 1st and 2nd Term Reports

New Features in Version 14

New Arts Curriculum.  You can now see your whole day at a time as you enter lessons into your daybook.  The gradebook allows you to use comments banks with 777 as a holder for names.  It is easier to sort comments in the gradebook. 

Will it print the new reports? Sorry, no,  at least not yet.  But you can use the program to generate grades and comments and then copy and paste into the report card template your board is using. 

New Features in Version 13

I have been developing new email features for the program as well as improvemnts to the gradebook and ways to provide good feedback quickly. More to follow.


New Features in Version 12

Here are some of the new features in version 12. I hope you like them.

Ed Jackson (Teacher/Developer).

  • Import results from an online Moodle quiz
  • Copy marks and comments from one student to another (for group marks)
  • more to come


New Features in Version 11

Here are some of the new features in version 11.

  • Access 2003 Runtime

This version of Teacher's Partner uses the Access 2003 run time.  For 10 years I've used Access 97.  It been good.  But this is more robust.  And anyway, to be compatible with Vista I needed to upgrade.  I think you'll notice the changes in the interface and like them.  Last year I did a trial run with the Near North board and I received very positive feedback from them.

  • First Names First!

Every year a few teachers have asked me about organizing the gradebook by first names instead of last names.  It seemed an odd idea to me. But I've come to realize its a good idea. How often do students hand in their work with their first names only?  And then you're racking your brains to figure remember the last name, so you can find them in the class list. Organizing the class lists by first names will make data entry in the GradeBook easier. (report cards are still organized by last name).

  • GradeBook Comments made easier

I figured out another way to provide good feedback for students on projects and presentations.  You could do it before, but I think you'll find this easier.  Just list the criteria, and then for each student check whether its a strength or something to improve.  Then the information gets organized for you.

  • Multiple Choice questions now marked for you in Teacher's Partner 11

For years teachers have been kidding me about finding a way to get Teacher's Partner to mark their work for them. For a lot of assessments, yes its still impossible.   I've never been a big fan of multiple choice questions because there are a lot skills that couldn't be assessed with a multiple choice test.  But this last year I've discovered a way to create and use multiple choice tests. And now I've added a feature that allows you to enter the students answers, and Teacher's Partner 11 marks it for you.  Its a lot faster than marking it yourself.  And there is an added advantage that you can determine quickly which questions gave the most students trouble. This won't be for everyone.  But some of you are really going to like this feature.  I know I do.




Send Us Your Suggestions

If you have specific features or improvements you would like to see included with future upgrades, send them to