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Overview.. 1

Record Marks for a Planned Subtask using “Class List Format”. 1

Record Marks using the “Regular Gradebook”. 2

Record Marks without any Planning First 2

Record Learning Skills for a Subtask. 3

Print a Class Summary. 3

Print Specific Details from a Few Subtasks. 4

Print General Details from Many Subtasks. 4

Export and Import Marks for a Subtask. 5



There are a lot of features in Teacher’s Partner but you don’t need to learn to use them all in order for the program to be useful to you.

Many teachers only use the reporting features in their first year and then learn how to plan and use the Gradebook in subsequent years.

Record Marks for a Planned Subtask using “Class List Format”

  1. Evaluate > Start Gradebook Wizard
  2. Click on the Class, Subtask and then “Next”
  3. Check the weight (marks) associated with the “Subtask” and click on “Next”
  4. Click on “Class List Format”
  5. Click on the appropriate assessed skill and click on the “Record or View Marks for this Skill” button
  6. If you want to enter a mark, highlight the 0 in the mark column for the first student, then delete the zero and enter the appropriate mark.
  7. To go to the next student down, press the enter key.  To go to another student somewhere else in the list, just click on the student’s name. (note that the cursor will go to the marks column for you).
  8. Enter the mark for that student.  Note that when the mark is highlighted in black you don’t need to delete the zero, you can just type in the appropriate mark and the zero is replaced.
  9. Enter marks, levels, or letter grades for each student

Notes: If you are only entering one mark per student for the subtask then the Class List Format is the faster than the Regular Gradebook.  It is also the fastest if you are transferring multiple marks from a handwritten tracking sheet to the computer. The fastest way to enter data is to click in the performance level box and then use the keyboard to enter levels (including pluses and minuses) and press the enter key after each entry.

You can also enter an Absent, NA, and Note Done.  For Not Done the student is given a zero and the mark will be counted against the student for reports.  For absent and NA the student will receive a zero but the mark will not be counted on reports.

Record Marks using the “Regular Gradebook”

  1. Evaluate > Start Gradebook Wizard
  2. Click on the Class, Subtask and then “Next”
  3. Check the weight (marks) associated with the “Subtask” and click on “Next”
  4. Click on “Regular Gradebook”
  5. Click on the first student from the list on the left hand side.
  6. Record mark by entering a mark, level or grade for the first skill.
  7. Record marks for the rest of the skills for that student.
  8. Click on the next student fro whom you want to record marks.
  9. Continue for all students

Notes: Use the Regular Gradebook if you need to record multiple marks per subtask for each student. For example, if you were recording multiple marks for  a project, and you want to enter the marks directly into the Gradebook without first going onto a tracking sheet, you would use the Regular Gradebook and click on each student’s name from the list and the record the marks.

Record Marks without any Planning First

  1. Evaluate > Start Gradebook Wizard
  2. Click on the Class, Grade, Subject, Term, and then the “New Subtask” button.
  3. Type in a unit name or select one from the list.
  4. Click on the strand that marks will be associated with.
  5. Click on each skill category that you want to assess. 
  6. Type in the name of the Subtask
  7. Click on “Create”
  8. Edit the category names and weights if you want.
  9. Select either the Class List Format or the Regular Gradebook to enter marks.

Notes: All subtask names need to be unique so use specific names (e.g. “Geometry Test 2” rather than just “Test”).  If you are not sure of the category and want to enter just one mark, just select the category that you think is most appropriate.  You can change the category names from the standard ministry ones of “Understanding Concepts” and “Problem Solving” to categories like “Tests” and “Homework” if you want.

Record Learning Skills for a Subtask 

  1. Evaluate > Start Gradebook Wizard
  2.   Select Class and Subtask and “Next”
  3.   Click on “Class List Format”
  4.   Click on “Record Efforts and Comments”
  5.   Click in boxes under independent work ...

Although it is unlikely that you will record learning skills for every assessment it is possible that you may want to assess some learning skills  for major assignments or projects.

You can choose to show this information when subtasks are printed out.

You can also record anecdotal comments for students in this form.  To select the comment banks linked to the assessment you need to go to the regular Gradebook.

The main benefit of recording learning skills for different assessments is that the information can be used to help you determine what should go on the report card.

Print a Class Summary

  1. Evaluate > Unit and Term Results
  2.   Select a Class
  3.   Select the Subtasks that you want to view
  4.   Click on the “Class Summary ” button

You can include up to 14 subtasks from any units to print out.

These easy to read printouts provide you with a lot of information on one page.

Note that the totals and percentages assume that all students have completed the selected subtasks.

Print Specific Details from a Few Subtasks

  1. Evaluate > Subtask Results
  2.   Select a Class
  3.   Select up to 3 Subtasks
  4.   Select formatting options
  5.   Click on the “Individual” preview button
  6.   Click on the print button to print all students

Notes: To print only specific students click select the specific pages to print.

The email option only works when Microsoft Outlook is installed and running.

Print General Details from Many Subtasks

  1. Evaluate > Unit and Term Results
  2.   Select a Class
  3.   Select up to 14 Subtasks
  4.   Click on the “Select Students and Options” tab
  5.   Click on a student
  6.   Click on your options
  7.   Click on the preview button and then print

The difference between this and just printing a subtask is that you can include information on as many as 14 different subtasks instead of only 3.

These printouts do not show rubrics or expectations but they do include the overall level and comments.

You can now select any subtask that you want to print on the same page even if they were not part of the same unit.

You can now show the weight without showing a mark (just a level).

The levels and grades now show the plus and minuses (previous version did not).

To print a single student you must select a page number to print, otherwise the whole class will print.

Export and Import Marks for a Subtask

  1. Plan > Export Plans and Marks
  2. Select subtasks to export
  3. Check off the box to export marks
  4. Click on the button to export to any location
  5. When importing make sure that the box is checked to import marks – all existing marks for the subtask will be removed
  6. If the subtask already exists on the importing computer delete it first before importing

This feature makes it possible for you to create and mark one or more subtasks at school and then take that information home and add it to your data at home.

This will be useful to teachers who do not want to go back and forth between home and school doing complete backups and restores to four floppy disks.

Note that you can export to any drive.  Also, it is possible to save the file and then email the file to yourself at home.


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